NORMAL LIFE AU - ONGOING. "We let you leave once, but now we're keeping you forever". "Please, we worked so hard to change for you, come back?". 102 read this post. #bts fic #bts fanfic #bts x reader #bts #hoseok x reader #jimin x reader #yoongi x reader #jungkook x reader #taehyung x reader #namjoon x reader #jin x reader. Y/n is a quiet and Introverted 20 year old girl who runs a guest house previously owned by her mother. Living her peaceful but young life away hidden in the safety of her guesthouse home. Month after month welcoming new and regular customers to her. The day continued on with you slipping out of his back hugs that had stopped at some point in the day, it wasn't till you were washing dishes that Jimin came up to you and hugged you. This one being much gentler then the last few in the day which seemed more like jump attacks. "You aren't that mad at me right, cause I'm sorry I didn't. Hello guysπŸ’œ Welcome to my Channel πŸ’œ.

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